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The Cookies Entertainment
The Cookies play modern and classic dance hits, motown and pop.
Responsible for logo design, promotional design, merch design and brand management.
The Cookies logo design
The Cookies business card design
Public dance party billboard advertisement
"Meet The Cookies" album cover - illustration and design
Poster for album release at Short's Brewing Co. (L), General show poster (R)
Promotional merch photo edit
Two River Deli
Two River Deli serves fresh food every day in Grayling, MI.
Responsible for logo design, visual identity and website design.
Two River Deli logo design
Two River Deli uniform mock-ups
Two River Deli building signage
Two River Deli facebook page
Two River Deli embroidered hat
Two River Deli website design (shown on mobile)
Two River Deli website design (shown on laptop)
Gray Skies Distillery
Gray Skies Distillery is a small batch distillery and cocktail bar in Grand Rapids, MI.
Responsible for conversation art piece for tasting room.
"Above The Clouds" 3-panel graphite drawing for distillery tasting room
Artwork assembly
Artwork installed in tasting room
Au Sable River Canoe Marathon
The Au Sable River Canoe Marathon is a professional, non-stop canoe race from Grayling to Oscoda, MI - 110 miles.
Responsible for multiple retail designs.
Canoe Marathon printed retail tees
Water lettering hand-drawn design
Vintage paddle + trout fish hand-drawn design
Dragon fly on water hand-drawn design
Bald eagle with paddles hand-drawn design
The Marsupials
The Marsupials are a 3-piece funk jam band from Northern Michigan.
Responsible for logo design, website design and printed/promo materials.
The Marsupials logo design
The Marsupials business card designs
The Marsupials show poster and merch poster designs
The Marsupials Funkin' Up The Mitt logo merch tee
The Marsupials website design (shown on mobile)
Alpine Village Variety Hour
AVVH is a live, non-profit variety show in Gaylord, MI. Ticket proceeds are donated to a different charity each show.
Responsible for logo design, brand + art direction, promotional content creation and print design.
Alpine Village Variety Hour logo design
Hand-drawn portraits for visual identity (drawings by D)
Promotional poster designs
Program designs and event ticket design
Volunteer lanyard design
Promotional video - script and production
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